The project team is consisted with partners from Republic of Macedonia and the Region Umbria from Italy

Aris Formazione e ricerca

Aris Formazione
e Ricerca

Applicant partner

Aris is a training organization with offices in Perugia and Terni that deals with training, business consultancy and design.

phone +39 075 5848056


Foundation Agro-Centre for Education

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The general aim of FACE is the development of agriculture in Macedonia and the region by strengthening the human capacities based on formal and non-formal education.
  • phone +389 2 3222 015

Center for Vocational Education and Training - CVET

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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  • phone +389 2 31 35 484
Koco Racin

Secondary municipal school “Koco Racin”Sveti Nikole

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian school.

  • phone -------
Micei international

Micei International - Chateau Kamnik

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Micei International is Macedonian wholesale and system integrator company, established in 1989.


Cantine Lungarotti


Founded in the 60s by Giorgio Lungarotti, the company has created a new and leading dimension for Torgiano and for whole Umbria. Wine as a strong element of an integrated promotion system that guarantees a production and tourism set of extraordinary quality.

  • phone +39 075 988661
Regione Umbria

Regione Umbria


Institutional Umbria Region

uil perugia

Uil Perugia


Italian trade Union.