2nd Consortium meeting

Umbrian vineyard,  photo of the Umbria Region website
27 Feb, 2019

The results of the research activities at regional, national and European level, which are presented in this Info- Pack, have been discussed and validated by all the partners during the 2nd Consortium meeting (Skopje - Macedonia, 27th February 2019), and then made accessible:
- in the working area open to key actors and users involved in project activities, and in the public open area of the project website (www.winevet.eu), with interactive media and web 2.0, as well as social media and mobiles applications,

- as information package, i.e. synthetic version for dissemination, (Info-Pack 1 - Umbrian and Macedonian wine production professional and learning field, and good practices for ECVET
and joint qualifications in VET), addressed to people attending to transnational and territorial multiplier events to be held during the project in Umbria and Macedonia.

(photo of the Umbria Region website: http://regione.umbria.mediagallery.it)